iOS 8 features wishlist: the changes iPhone and iPad users want in Apple’s iOS 8

ios 8 features wishlist 
With iOS 8 on the horizon we asked some Macworld contributors as well as Macworld’s twitter followers what features they are hoping to see in the new version of Apple’s iPhone and iPadsoftware. This is what they told us.
Tell us which features you would like to see in iOS 8 in the comments below this story and we’ll keep updating it until we have the definitive wishlist for iOS 8.

iOS 8: Camera and photography features

NICK SPENCE: As a keen ‘mobile photographer’ I would love to see more Instagram-style photo filters and enhancements added to in the next iOS update. Apple improved the photo features of the Camera app in iOS 7, but I still feel it’s missing some of the features found free in free third party apps such as Snapseed.
KAREN HASLAM: I find the camera zoom awkward to use, requiring two hands and two fingers just to make it even more complicated. Apple must surely be able to devise a more user friendly way of zooming in on a shot. Even the pinch or expand gesture would be more instinctive than what we have currently.

iOS 8: design

NICK SPENCE: Despite the critics I hope Apple sticks with the visual make-under it introduced with iOS 7. It would be good to see Apple improve visibility even more so with iOS 8.