Make Doulci Server By Your Self to Bypass icloud with iTune

Today I will be showing how to use the php file doulci given by Silv3rCube. is 
one of the necessary files to iCloud bypass.The link to all files that are used here are given in the description. 
Before installing XAMPP in Window 7 / 8 need to disable UAC .. antivirus and firewall for a smooth installation. 
2 Open the File Explorer and navigate to C: xampp (or where XAMPP installed) 
3.Go to htdocs folder create a fdder one called “deviçeservices” (without quotes) Go 
in that folder and create a folder called “deviceactivation” (without quotes). 
create a folder called “deviceactivation”
4 Download the index.php file and place it in the folder deviceactivation. 
5.Go to C: Window & iS, istem32driver and etc and edit the hosts file.
6 Add in the last line with notepad and save.
7.Open XAMPP control panel and Click Start the Apache server.
8.Now open iTunes and then connect pouring iDevice. The device must be activated in iTunes.