iRestore : Learn How To Remov Icloud a Device From a Previous Owner’s Apple ID

In the latest iPhone OS release, iOS 7 / 8 , Apple introduced a new feature called Activation Lock. Activation Lock makes it much harder to use or resell an iPhone, iPod, or iPad if it’s been lost or stolen. This is a tremendous step forward in preventing iPhone theft and protecting user data. However, Activation Lock can also make it very difficult to resell your iPhone to a trusted buyer like Newaya, or directly to another person on eBay, Swappa, or Craigslist. We’re going to explain how Activation Lock works and how to disable it BEFORE you sell your phone legitimately.
The new iOS 7 / 8 can truly bring you some PROBLEMS making you not happy about your used device. This firmware has Activation Lock option that blocks the smartphone from being used by third-party people if Find My iPhone application is turned on. It doesn’t matter if you simply wish to update to iOS 7 / 8 or unlock your gadget and upgrade later on.
Activation Lock is a new feature in iOS 7 /8 that ties your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with your Apple ID so that if your phone gets stolen, the thief has to KNOW your LOGIN credentials to turn off Find My iPhone or erase the phone to factory state.
While this a great feature for everyone, it can be a bit of a problem if you have Activation Lock turned on when you sell your phone, since the buyer doesn’t know your Apple ID. So here’s how you can turn of Activation Lock 
How Does Activation Lock Work?
This method currently works on all iPhone . It is possible to downgrade any of the other iOS 8 compatible devices like the iPhone 6 /6 Plus , iPhone 5/ 5c /5s / 4s, iPad / 3 / 4 / air , iPad mini and iPod touch 5G
1 .Connect your iDevice to your computer and OPEN iRestore 
You now need to put your device in pwned DFU state. Turn off your iPhone and click on the “START” BUTTON and follow the on-screen instructions to put it in pwned DFU state.
Prepare to press and hold Power and HOME BUTTON in 5 seconds.
Press and hold Power and HOME button for 10 seconds and prepare to release Power button.
Release the Power button and Continue holding the Home button for 30 seconds.
After it has detected the device is in DFU mode, Click on the “Ok” button, 
2 . Now click on the “Select IPSW” button and point it to iOS firmware file you had DOWNLOADED earlier, and click ”NEXT” 
Now wait for 5 MINUTES that ends Restoring
3. click ”EXIT ” Finished Restoring