New ip online to unlock icloud

Finally doulCi Server is came back with latest icloud activation capability to unlock all iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Activation will be remain same as we mentioned in below guide but you might need to replace new IP address in your hosts file. Following are the new doulCi server IP addresses, please use one at a time. doulCi Server Addresses: OR
How it works?To bypass apple icloud activation with the help of doulCi Server, you need to edit your “hosts” file which is located under C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc directory if you are using Windows system. If you are Linux or Mac user then “hosts” file is located under/etc directory.
Edit your hosts file and add this red marked text as show in image below. Only one at a time
download host 

On your iDevice follow the activation steps until the message of icloud activation lock appears.
Open iTunes and Plug your iDevice on the USB port and accept the messages and validate the errors.
You’ll be asked by iTunes to accept unsecured albert in the middle of the process. Just accept that. When you got an error on iTunes, click OK, and finish the activation steps on your device. 
Finish the activation on your iDevice and re-plug the device again so it can be recognized by iTunes.Congratulation you have successfully bypassed apple icloud activation.

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