Unlock iCloud activation screen lock

Hot , hot , hot !!!My friends the problem whit iCloud activation screen lock is now solved !!! After so much time you can unlock icloud screen on your device. A new metod is found. Yes this is true now . In the past We all have read about some ways to unlock icloud activation screen lock on Apple devices , but that metods like Doulci are not working. After that We all try to solve this problem but Our iPhones , iPads and iPods are steel locked and We dont use them . But now I am glad to say that the problem whit iCloud lock screen is a past .Yes the hackers find a way to trick Apple security and now We all can use that solution and We all can put in function Our lockd Apple devices. I will explane you in this post how you can unlock iCloud screen whit very simple procedure. This solution can help you if you have :

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6+
  • iPod
  • iPad
This solution is found by hacker from Nederlands thanks to a bug in new iPhone 6 . He create a new software tool that can unlock iCloud screen . The tool have 9 versions for all Apple devices . In this post bellow i will present all 9 versions from  this tool . You just need to download the tool that you need it depends from your device . When you download you will get the unlock iCloud screen tool and a text word document – foul guide how to make the unlocking on your device . To start download just click on the links bellow :
After you will download the unlock iCloud tool unzip it on your device or computer  and start whit unlock proces . I will not explane the procedure becouse you will get foul guide when you will download the tool . 
The unlock procedure is not the same for all Apple devices so you will get guide what to do just for your device . The unlock proces is very simple so there is no way for you to make some misteke . If you want to download the unlock iCloud screen tool you must have Java on your device or computer . If someone have any problem I am here to help you , so just make a comment on this page and I will ansver you in the next 24h . I hope that this post will help you if you have this problem .  Its never been easy to unlock iPhone . You will get the bypass icloud activation lock tool for free , so now is no need to pay more than150$ to solve this problem . Good luck