Top Best Free Travel Apps for iPhone Every Traveler must Have !

Best Travel Apps
Best Travel Apps

When it comes to traveling, thanks to numerous small programs, our smartphone is like an electronic Swiss Army knife – just a lot more practical. Here you can find out which travel apps you shouldn’t miss on your mobile phone in 2021!

In addition to suitcases and passports, our smartphone has become an absolutely indispensable travel companion and has been used for years as much more than just a telephone: travel planner, booking overview, navigation device, translation aid, currency converter – the roles our mobile phones play thanks to various apps during a trip can and should hatch are almost inexhaustible. So that you can actually find the best in the abundance of apps, we present you the 20 most practical travel apps for a trip in the coming year in our article!


  1. LoungeBuddy – for everyone who likes to be comfortable at the airportAnyone who has to bridge longer stays at the airport or just wants to make the time before departure a little more comfortable can book one of the numerous lounges that can be found at almost every airport in the world – and the easiest way to do this is with the practical LoungeBuddy App. The free application is available for iOS and lets you find and book suitable lounges around the globe in seconds, even if you are already standing in front of it.
  2. Duolingo – for all language enthusiasts
    Either at short notice during your vacation or weeks and months in advance – with the Duolingo language app you can learn all sorts of languages ​​in the world in simple lessons, and all of this is completely free of charge. The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone and trains all aspects of the chosen foreign language, i.e. speaking and understanding as well as reading and writing.
  3. CityMapper travelers – for all mobile city
    Have you ever had the problem of having to get from A to B in a strange city without having the slightest idea of ​​local public transport? Difficult isn’t it? Especially if you hardly speak the national language, if at all. CityMapper takes on exactly this problem and offers you an uncomplicated route planner with live information on current departures / arrivals as well as failures or operational disruptions, Uber and bicycle route integration, estimated arrival time and much more. The app is available for iOS and Android.
  4. Safe Travel App of the Federal Foreign Office traveling – for without concerns
    The official Safe Travel App of the German Foreign Office for iOS and Android does exactly what its name promises: Safe travel without any worries. The app provides you with up-to-date information on global security warnings and also has tips on how to stay safe in various countries. The information ranges from areas that are better avoided to tips on where, for example, women should not travel alone. An “I’m okay” function is also available to mark you as safe with family and friends at the push of a button in the event of incidents in the holiday country.
  5. Foursquare – the global city guide
    We probably don’t need to introduce Foursquare any more: In the well-known app for iOS and Android phones, you simply enter your current holiday location and then receive the best tips on restaurants, bars, shopping and sights, including user ratings, so that you don’t get any bad surprises. Ideal if you just want to start exploring spontaneously on holiday without much advance planning, but don’t want to leave everything completely to chance.
  6. TripIt – all documents in one place
    Triplt for iOS and Android is the ideal app for organizing and planning your trip – here you can not only create travel plans and share them with your fellow travelers, but also save all travel documents in one place.
  7. Pocket – save online, view later offline
    With the Pocket App for iOS and Android, you can save content from the Internet on your smartphone and then watch it later, even if you are currently not connected to the Internet. It not only supports articles and videos from all standard browsers, but also content from over 1,500 apps such as Twitter, Zite or Flipboard.
  8.  Evernote – keep your notes close at hand
    As soon as you have booked your trip, you have to put all the e-mail confirmations, travel reports, packing lists and recommendations from friends somewhere as notes – preferably digitally. Evernote is ideal for this and synchronizes all your files with all your devices so that you can type them in on your PC and then use them on your smartphone. You can also share notes with family members or friends, and on top of that, you can use Evernote to upload photos and share them with others.
  9. Audible – Audiobooks for Travel
    With the Amazon Audible app, you can buy audiobooks and then listen to them offline during the flight or other trip. Especially when traveling with low-cost airlines, which usually do not offer any entertainment during the flight, or during longer stays at the airport between sections, you can counteract boredom in a targeted manner.
  10. Hydra – for the perfect vacation photos in any weather
    Do you know that? You see the most beautiful photo motifs in front of you and take out your smartphone – only to then find out that the light is unfortunately not enough to take a great picture of them. Hydra for iOS provides a remedy here and combines up to 60 individual shots into a single image, which effectively allows more light to be recorded. The resolution is also effectively better, so that nothing stands in the way of the perfect holiday pictures!
  11. XE currency converter – to check the current exchange rates
    If you have to pay in foreign currencies, you should definitely get a currency converter in order to avoid unknowingly paying usurious prices. The XE currency converter is the most up-to-date and most accurate on the market, is available for all common smartphones and can be used completely free of charge.
  12. CamScanner – create pdfs on the go
    No matter whether you are a digital nomad, on a business trip or simply indispensable for your company on vacation – with this super practical app you always have your office with you when you travel. CamScanner allows you to use your smartphone’s camera as a scanner that converts images directly into high-quality PDF files, even if the image quality is rather poor. An image editor is also available in the app to edit graphics and photos, and on top of that, you can add digital watermarks to your documents. The app is of course also useful if you want to quickly “scan in” a few pages for work in the university library at home.
  13. Tourlina – for women traveling alone who would rather not travel alone
    Are you female and looking for nice, serious travel partners? Then you should definitely take a look at the Tourina app for iOS and Android. Every registration with the app is carefully checked so that the app can offer a secure and reputable platform for finding suitable female travel companions. Simply enter your destination and travel date to search, and potential fellow travelers will be displayed. If you like someone, you can contact them directly and discuss everything else.