Best Mobile apps for students


As smartphones have become everyone’s friend in today’s world and cannot be left out, it is very wise to get the best out of your smartphone and as we are approaching a new school year, let me explain to you that there are many applications This can enhance your education and help you in your studies in some way. It is very vast and in this article we will discuss the best of these apps of all kinds,.

We will collect the most important applications in this post and update the list regularly if we find that there is new applications can help you


  1. MendeleySearching for a paper can be one of the most frustrating experiences, especially when you are left with a bunch of unorganized PDFs scattered all over your phone, but the Mendeley app can solve this problem. The references for research and I personally have used it before and it proved to be very efficient.
  2. MyFitnessPalOf course it’s important to exercise, but the most important thing is to fuel your body with healthy and nutritious foods, and although MyFitnessPal is known as a calorie counting app for weight loss, it’s also a great way to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need, because the latter is the One great way to keep track of the foods you’re eating, make sure you’re drinking enough water, and more.
  3. Google DocsGoogle Docs is one of the apps within the group that removes any concerns about software incompatibility, people with different operating systems or file sharing via email, and provides a hassle-free workspace for collaboration. Note that you can use various free Google apps to help with school work on the go.
  4. CamScannerYou can use CamScanner to instantly convert any image into a PDF file that can be easily integrated into your documents for later use. Not only that, but the app has many features that allow you to interact with, share and edit your files more efficiently .
  5. Microsoft To DoThe famous To Do apps are numerous in the App Store, and this Microsoft app is one of the best, especially after integrating the features of the famous Wunderlist app that Microsoft bought in it. The idea of To Do apps is that you have daily tasks and you want to make a list of them so that you can plan your day easier than you can imagine, whether it is planning work, study or household matters. This quality will help you increase productivity and reduce time wastage. The beauty is that it comes from a big company like Microsoft and that means it syncs perfectly with the Windows that most of us use.

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