Top 10 tools to fix iPhone system problems [LIST]

best tools iphone fix
best tools to fix iphone

iPhones are the de facto statement of corporate style. With its slim body, exceptional features and stealth camera. It is undoubtedly reliable and easy to use, but nothing in this world is perfect. The iPhone is no exception. Sometimes black screens can become unresponsive, or worst of all, the iPhone can get stuck in recovery mode. If you want a quick fix, you can rely on iPhone repair software or iPhone repair software to solve all your problems. Find a detailed overview of the top nine tools that are useful in fixing iPhone software problems.


Part 1: Common problem with the iPhone system


Sometimes iPhone users have to deal with different types of iOS problems that require immediate action. So before you head to iPhone repair software, here’s a look at the most common iPhone software problems:

  • iPhone White Screen of Death – One of the most common iPhone problems is the inability to update a jailbroken phone, which can result in a White Screen of Death on the iPhone. Most of the time, this problem requires a proper reset of your iPhone or it is fixed by booting the iPhone in DFU mode.
  • iPhone apps not responding – Apps may not respond if the iOS version does not support the app or the app is not working properly. Apps freeze and the user cannot access them.
  • iPhone gets stuck at the Apple logo – There are many reasons why your iPhone gets stuck at Apple logo like Jailbreak, iOS update failed etc. In this issue, the iPhone gets stuck at the logo and does not work at all.


Part 2: 10 tools to fix iPhone problems

fix iphone tools
fix iphone tools


  1.  Dr.Fone – System Repair
    One of the trusted names, Dr.Fone – System Repair is the most effective iOS repair software in the industry. Developed by a highly professional team, Dr.Fone Repair ensures that serious iOS issues like Black Screen of Death, iPhone in DFU mode, Bootloop, etc. protects you from chronic problems that affect the normal performance of your device.Positives:Incredibly useful with an easy-to-use interface.
    Ensures support for all the latest iPhone and iPad versions.
    No data loss during repair.
    Can solve common iOS problems and repair software.
  2. FonePawiOS System RecoveryFonePawiOS System Restore is also a good iPhone repair software that is useful in solving iOS related problems. With this repair software, you can fix some very common scenarios where the iPhone hangs and the software does not work properly etc.Positives:Helpful in solving the problem of the iPhone getting stuck in headphone mode.
    Ensures that no data is lost during the repair.
    Negatives:There is no way to easily exit or enter recovery mode.
    It does not work on a PC with a version lower than Windows 10.
  3. Phone Rescue for iOSPhone Rescue is a major iOS system recovery software that offers free recovery option features. It offers its services to fix minimal problems such as the phone getting stuck on reboot or a black screen. However, Phone Rescue offers users 3 recovery modes that are useful to recover any kind of lost or deleted data from iCloud or iTunes backups. Therefore, it works as an iPhone repair software.Positives:Great at protecting user data.
    Useful in iPhone data recovery.
    Negatives:There is a high chance of data loss during the repair process.
  4. JoyoshareUltFix(iOS System Recovery)Positives:It is quite compatible with the latest iPhone and iOS versions.
    It helps in updating the operating system of the iPhone.
    Negatives:Very limited features in the trial version.
    Technical support takes longer to resolve customer queries.
  5. Tenorshare ReiBootWhile we are talking about iOS system recovery software, TenorshareReiBoots is a very important repair software. It is designed to take action against problems that affect the normal functioning of your iPhone. It first analyses the root cause and then fixes the problems with simple clicks and is easy to implement.Positiv:Es kann verschiedene Probleme mit dem iPhone-System lösen, z. B. das iPhone steckt im Apple-Logo oder im Wiederherstellungsmodus usw.
    Negative:Das Programm stürzt ab.
    In der Testversion sind sehr eingeschränkte Funktionen verfügbar.
  6. iSkysoft Toolbox – Repair(iOS)Like any other free iOS repair software, iSkysoft Repair (iOS) prioritises fixing common iOS problems. Ensures that the iPhone/iPad stuck on the Apple logo or in recovery mode/DFU is restored and your phone is returned to normal.Positive:There are no risks involved and no data loss.
    Negatives:Sometimes the software cannot repair the phone.
  7. PrimosynciOS System RecoveryPrimosynciOS System Recovery is also one of the most important iOS system recovery software. Like many other software, it ensures a consistent solution to software-related problems.Positive:Useful in solving general problems.
    Negatives:It is not a free iOS repair software.
    Features and functionality are limited.
  8.  TuneskitiOS System RecoveryTuneskitiOS System Recovery is a well-functioning iOS repair software. It is designed to provide you the solution to all iOS related problems.Positive:Recovers 20 different types of data.
    Negatives:Trial version does not allow saving of files.
    Expensive compared to modern software.
  9. FoneLab- iOS System RecoveryThe last on our list is FoneLab-iOS System Recovery, a useful iOS system recovery software that fixes a number of iOS-related problems. Ensures your phone is working normally again.Positive:Can solve software problems of iPhone, iPod etc.
    Negatives:Trial version excludes file recovery function.