The iOS 16 updates API support RoomPlan apps

Credit to AR MR XR In the iOS 16 update, Apple introduces a new software interface to support “RoomPlan” apps, which relies on the LiDAR sensor to scan locations and create a 3D layout of […]

IOS Apps

Best Mobile apps for students

As smartphones have become everyone’s friend in today’s world and cannot be left out, it is very wise to get the best out of your smartphone and as we are approaching a new school year, […]


Open My Icloud Easy unlocker Tool V3 | unlock icloud download

Content Outline: Open MyiCloudUnlocker Tool  Open MyiCloud (Version 2.20) Why use Open My iCloud? Part-1: How Open My iCloud Works? Part-2: Can Open My iCloud unlock iPod/iPad/iPhone? Part-3: Tutorials on YouTube Part-4: Download Conclusion Open […]